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How we started. I received my first vision from God in September 2004. It was unbelievable! I had no idea I would be working exclusively with teenage girls as a mentor and positive role model. It was then I truly saw the trouble our young ladies were in. I never saw so many young ladies with their heads held down. No self-esteem. No get up and go. And worst of all, NO FUTURE. I remember clearly that majority of the young ladies were using profanity excessively, abusing their bodies profoundly, being verbally tormented by disrespectful male peers, and struggling with devastating home environments. It didn’t take long for my heart to reach out to these young ladies of despair and try to figure out a way I could help them. God made the answer so very clear. ﷯ Young Ladies of Elegance That’s what we need young ladies who are elegant in character and behavior. Our History ﷯Young Ladies of Elegance is a CHOICE, a POSITIVE choice. As the group formed, the young ladies improved more and more. They caught on to the vision quickly. It was no more my dream, but instead it became OUR dream. The young ladies were so focused. They were so dedicated and starving for change. Young Ladies of Elegance helped change their way of thinking. Their behavior changed for the better. Their grades improved tremendously. Self-esteem developed and most of all they began to love themselves. In 2016, I am still working hard helping young ladies to succeed in life and to never give up on their dreams. Through continuous research and recent data, it is proven that our youth are faced with various obstacles and unfortunately many make the wrong choices. Young Ladies of Elegance is a CHOICE, a POSITIVE choice. Through God’s guidance, I will continue to positively support and assist young ladies to a brighter future. Given an opportunity and ongoing assistance, the young ladies who come in contact with me WILL do better! They will have the tools to be a leader and in return help someone else. To date, Young Ladies of Elegance has impacted 1,000+ young ladies directly and countless numbers indirectly. My spiritual charge is to support young ladies with Etiquette, Apparel, Appearance, Academics and Behavior. Through Young Ladies of Elegance, I promote Service, Leadership, Self-esteem, Self-respect, Community Involvement, Positive Attitudes, and Intelligence. I am Dr. Kimberley N. Booker, CEO & Founder of Young Ladies of Elegance and Young Men of Character, two non-profit 501 (C) (3) organizations.

Please give what you can and help make a difference for the children in our community.


Young Ladies of Elegance and Young Men of Character Teen Service and Leadership Programs provide a variety of opportunities to help teens develop as effective and engaged citizens, now.

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